Monday, May 20, 2013


What happened to manufacturing? I mean the days when daddy would come home with a $3000 paycheck every week from workin at the steel plant down the road are so gone. But whyyy (in my 2 yr. old pleading voice)???Well its a nice hog mosh of demanding unions, cheap labor and cheap companies...all at the expense of your average joe who came back from the war lookin to get hitched and buy land. Instead we now have an economy that is taken up by desk jobs than factory jobs. Some might say this is a good thing. As we see for alot of those desk jobs, companies are now requiring people to have college degrees (your labor is in your brain not your brawn). Which is cool, it's forcing the greater population to be educated...nothin wrong with that....unless of course you just aren't cut out for higher education. What do we do with those kids who really are just not made for the whole 'Dead Poets Society' atmosphere? Who are more 'Breakfast Club' than 'West Wing?' I think we go back to trades.

Guess what people? Trades are reapin in the dough. Wanna know why? Because while you and your possie are out getting your 5th degree in chemical engineering/computer science/liberal arts/english, there still needs to be someone who can do that plumbing for you, who can make sure you don't electrocute yourself  after going to some crazy college party. Trades my friend. Trades. Kinda like supply and demand, when there is more demand but not enough supply, the price increases. Well we will always have a need for roofers, plumbers, and electricians, but the way things are lookin we won't always have enough of those roofers, plumbers & electricians as we push yuppie culture chasin a degree down the road. So while you're out snubbing your nose at them for their lack of a college degree in a 'lesser profession,' they'll be buyin up all the real estate in your neighborhood. Don't hate 'em dear debtor, appreciate 'em.